United Methodist Men

Baylake United Methodist Church

UMM Mission
To assist men to know Jesus Christ, to serve Him,
to grow spiritually and seek daily to do His will.
 United Methodist Men support, endorse, and fund many mission works including:

Society of St. Andrew
Upper Room Prayer Ministries
Methodist Hour
Lifestyle Relational Evangelism
Hope of Hearing
Master Builders
Join Us!


 Our Vision
As the newest agency of the UMC, United Methodist Men has both an opportunity and an obligation to make a major impact on the millions of men in our church.
UMMen is in the business of awakening, inspiring, challenging, supporting, training, equipping and resourcing men as they become Christlike in their daily lives.
Our highest priority is to build and promote the spiritual growth of men. We call our men to become servant leaders, as this emulates the model life shown to us by our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.
UMMen is at the leading edge of renewal of men within mainline denominations. We welcome and encourage your participation in Baylake’s UMMen.

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated!
Ways to serve this ministry include:
  • Working to support missions while sharing in Christian fellowship
  • Providing opportunities for men to realize spiritual and personal growth through educational programs
  • Attending conference and district training sessions to enhance one’s knowledge and effectiveness in Christian leadership
  • Identifying and understanding legislative, racial, and social issues related to men and families
  • Participating in global ministries of the church by providing material and financial resources
  • Staffing and supporting local fund raising efforts like the oyster roast and Christmas tree sales.