The Vine

Baylake United Methodist Church

Our Purpose

Christ is always present with us.  His Holy Spirit works:
within us to transform us,
around us to beckon us, and
through us as we follow Him.

Disciples actively seek that presence both individually and collectively
so that they can recognize and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in their lives.

For connection, please contact group leaders as listed below.

Sisters - a women's group - Meets Tuesday's at 1 PM at church

The Vine - a mixed group - Meets Tuesday evenings at 7 PM at church

The Journey - a men's group - Meets Tuesday's, 7 PM at Baylake UMC, 

757-376-1709 (Bruce)

Women of Faith - a women's group -Meets Wednesday's at , 7 PM at Linda Huff's home, 757-615-3918 (Linda)

Chamber Talk - a mixed group - Meets Thursday's, 6:30 PM at Glen Huff's office, 

757-641-4136 (Kim)

Our Walk - a mixed group - Meets Thursday's at 6:30 PM at Larry and Pat Diunizio's home, 757-460-0142 (Larry and Pat).

Voices in the 'Hood - Meets Thursday's at 6:30 PM - Tim & Rhea Lynn Butt 


Women at the Well - a women's group - Meets Thursday's at 7 PM at Lynne Savoy's house 757-434-1588

Our Pace - a mixed group -
Meets Thursdays - Sherry and Les White 757-478-8097 (Sherry)

For more information, contact Rev Deborah Clark at or