Baylake United Methodist Church

Barbara Pryor:

“The Bible describes the Church as the body of Christ with many different members, all of whom are important for healthy function. We receive strength and guidance from one another, we are encouraged by one another, we are presented the opportunity to serve God and to leave a legacy as we ‘touch hearts and transform lives.’ Baylake has been blessed to be a blessing”.

Tammy Barton: 

From the moment that our world started to shake, Baylake was there!  We never felt alone!  This community was ready to hold us up, to piece things back together, to be the hands and feet of Christ. It made all the difference.  The silent prayers, the spoken prayers, the hugs, the smiles, the shared tears, the hours spent sitting with us at the hospital when we were getting the darkest news possible.   The gentle reminders to lean on God and to trust in the face of something so life-changing.  The assurance that although life felt like it was falling apart there was a powerful community of family and faith lifting us up and holding on to us. Meals, text messages, phone calls, visits, gifts to Aaron, gift cards, groceries and so much more.  Gifts to our family that have been put on the hearts of God's people and each of you answered the call days, weeks before the need existed!  In February, prior to going to Duke, we sat around a table getting the news that nothing had worked - he was not in remission.   God was at that table!  Baylake was at that table - holding my hand and telling me to go ahead and cry if that's what I needed to do.   God's presence was so apparent in that room that Aaron's doctors said to us "I know you are going to be okay as you head to Duke because I see the amazing network of love and faith that surrounds you and Aaron!" 

Your love of Christ and your willingness to go when and where He calls you has made all the difference in our lives.  I am blessed and excited to know that Aaron will grow up within these walls.  The love of Christ, the love of family, the love of neighbors and the willingness to answer His call is so strong and so visible here at Baylake.  Thank you for the blessings and the love that you bring to our lives everyday!  

Diana St. John:

“I have ABSOLUTELY been impacted by Baylake! My faith in God, Son, and Holy Spirit are stronger and more firm. I have been blessed to know some wonderful Christian men and women at Baylake who, by example, have taught me what it means to live a God-centered life. Through their example, I have learned how important it is to love God first, then love everyone else. And, through my faith and conviction, my husband, sons, friends and acquaintances are all impacted by my efforts to follow his command. Like a pebble that hits the water creating ripples that circle out, what we do impacts those around us. My spiritual growth at Baylake is a testament to that”.

Wendy Howard:

“Given life in the 21st century with technology accessible all the time, it is easy to get caught up in the endless barrage of communication via smartphones, tablets, laptops, email, WebEx, social media, and the list goes on and on. My work profession requires me to be “plugged in” 24/7 which can be overwhelming and demanding. Each week, I look forward to coming to church where I experience the peace and loving support of my church family. I need to hear the Godly words that are spoken to refresh my spirit. These words give me the strength to endure all of the many demands that I feel in my everyday life. I just love to sit, be quite, and hear the inspiring words of God. And, I love, love, love the caring and supporting friends in the Baylake community. We must preserve this loving support and encouragement for future generations”!

Ellen Clements:

“As the (former) Director of Children’s Ministries at Baylake UMC, I am excited about inspiring children and families to grow in their faith, embrace their gifts, and reach out into the community and world around them. First and foremost, the goal of Children’s Ministries is to teach children about Jesus and the importance of a personal relationship with God. To nurture that relationship, we teach not only information about the Bible and the Church, but give children the opportunity to practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer, journaling, listening, and reflection”.