Baylake United Methodist Church
  • To build community through a pursuit of God, & service to all
  • Synergy exists to glorify God by creating community in the youth of Baylake UMC & Hampton Roads through a pursuit of God, & in service to all
  • To create an environment where the youth of Hampton Roads are secure enough to share all aspects of life with each other
  • To seek God with all of one’s heart, soul, mind, & strength
  • To build ones passion for God & others through study of the Bible & in service to all
  • To build community through: fellowship, safe environment, & compassion
  • To advance personal spiritual growth through: bible study, spiritual disciplines, & service
  • To deepen understanding & application of one’s passionate pursuit of God through: worship, service, & the arts
  • To serve the disadvantaged of HR, VA, USA, & the World through: long term, sustainable impact