Baylake United Methodist Church

Chuck Knows Church is a weekly video series that was created by the United Methodist Communications Group to help people of all ages understand the liturgies, doctrine and disciplines of the United Methodist Church. The videos are fun and informative so spend a little time with Chuck!  

Through the United Methodist Church connectional system, Baylake UMC is a part of the Virginia Conference. Under the leadership of Bishop Young Jin Cho, the Virginia Conference is committed to its mission to “Make Disciples of Christ for the Transformation of the World by equipping local churches for ministry and providing a connection for ministry beyond the local church”. We participate in the annual conference by sending a delegation of ordained and laity to represent Baylake UMC.

The Virginia Conference is comprised of districts primarily determined by geographic regions within the state. Baylake UMC is part of the Elizabeth River District comprised of churches located in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Knott’s Island. Under the leadership of District Superintendent Rev Wayne Snead, we are commitment to have both ordained and lay leaders become Courageous Spiritual Leaders. Leaders within the District will display a can do attitude towards ministering to the community and congregations.  Strength for executing our mission can be found in our relationship with Jesus Christ grounded in prayer. Find out more about what is happening in the Elizabeth River District by visiting the website.

The Lay Servant Ministries program provides training opportunities and experiences to equip disciples of Jesus Christ to realize and respond to their personal calls to ministry. Since each disciple is ‘gifted’ with one or more spiritual gifts (skills given by the Holy Spirit for the express purpose of serving the body of believers and thereby God), Lay Servant Ministries strives to help disciples become aware of their particular gifts by offering educational events to enhance and develop the skill level necessary for the full fruition of these gifts. It has aided thousands of church members to be better servants of Jesus Christ, to become stronger church family and community leaders, and to more capably assist their pastors. Training is offered through the Virginia Conference, the Elizabeth River District and

RightNow Media provides resources for Sunday school classes, bible studies and small group meetings. The resources are available to all Baylake UMC members and requires a user login that is church specific. The company offers a video resource library, leadership events library and customizable training resources. The resources are robust with over 3,000 Discipleship videos available for adults, youth and kids with most of today’s leading experts included in the libraries. And, the resources can be used individually or within a family if preferred.  

The Virginia United Methodist Church Advocate is the

official conference magazine published on a monthly

basis. The magazine equips, connects and informs United Methodist by offering in-depth features on topics of interest to United Methodist. It also provides religious news from the conference, local churches, nation and world. Relevant trends and tools to equip congregations for ministry and sharing the good news about Jesus Christ are also a regular feature.

BeADisciple offers online studies, workshops, and courses on a variety of ministry, formation and leadership topics with the goal of making rich learning experiences accessible in an online format. Courses are conducted in small-groups with a trained or a certified instructor. The institute is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that nurture and enrich Christian leaders, laity and clergy for effective living and ministry. The Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College is a United Methodist Institution.

The Virginia United Methodist Credit Union (VUMCU) offers banking and lending services to Virginia Conference clergy, church members and their conferences churches. There are many financial advantages to being a member of the VUMCU for you and your family members, as well as, to your home church. Periodically, the VUMCU donates cash to your home church based on services provided to its members. Visit their website today!