Faith Community Nurse

Baylake United Methodist Church

Faith Community Nursing and Health Ministry


Faith community nurses, lay health advocates and other health ministers are people with professional training in a health related field who use their background to serve the needs of the church community. A parish nurse is a registered nurse with additional training in holistic ministry, helping members of the congregation to become more aware of their health and move toward a fuller sense of wholeness. 

A health ministry combines the therapeutic qualities of church, community, and faith in God to strengthen the healing task.

What Faith Community Nurses Do

Faith Community nurses engage in a variety of ministries:

  • Visit church members at home or in the hospital.

  • Provide counseling on health-related issues.

  • Make referrals to community resources and provide assistance in obtaining needed health services.

  • Assist members in adapting to important lifestyle changes.

  • Teach classes on how to maintain good health.

  • Provide health screenings.

  • Develop support groups within the church.

  • Train and coordinate volunteers.


    Faith community nurses are not expected to provide patient care in the church or at a patient's home. They are a source of referrals for services available in the community. They coordinate existing services and supplement them with a holistic dimension of health and caring.

Our Faith Community Nurse is Michele Sorenson and can be contacted at