Kid's Sunday School

Baylake United Methodist Church

On Sunday mornings, kids are invited to Sunday School taught by leaders passionate about sharing the bible with our youngest disciples. The curriculum we use is Faith Weaver, designed for today’s families, and offers a family journey of growing their faith together and individually. The curriculum integrates a scripture lesson into the learning each week across all age groups at an age appropriate level. Both the new and old testaments are covered within the curriculum. Teachers engage students with books, media and activities to make the learning fun! Paper are sent home so that the learning can continue throughout the week. It makes it easy for families to talk about their faith!


All of our classes have two adult teachers who have been Safe Sanctuary certified. Our Kid’s Sunday School Classes are on the 2nd floor of the Education Building and consist of the following age groups:


Kindergarten and 1st Grade

2nd and 3rd Grade

4th and 5th Grade


The meeting time is Sunday mornings from 10:10 - 10:55.