Holiday Baskets

Baylake United Methodist Church

We are so very blessed at Baylake UMC and have committed to share our bounty with others. The purpose of this ministry is to share food and other resources with those in our community who are in need just as we are taught in the scriptures, specifically the Book of Ruth. In Ruth 1:15-18, we see an amazing act of commitment by Ruth to Naomi, her mother-in-law, where she refuses to leave Naomi in her hour of greatest need. In Ruth 2:23, we are taught that food was left in the field so that Ruth was able to glean what was not harvested so to feed her family.


The project team typically provides baskets to 60-80 families that are living in our community which include canned goods such as soups, vegetables and fruit, bags of flour and sugar, coffee, teas, pudding, stuffing, rice, cereal, macaroni and cheese, fresh fruit, cookies and a $20 gift card to Food Lion for perishable items. The families receiving the baskets have been screened by School Counselors at nearby elementary schools.


The volunteers who assemble the baskets also have the opportunity to deliver the baskets to the families. The families may express a need for help with Christmas gifts for their children so we will assist with this need too. Overwhelming thankfulness and gratitude is often expressed by the families. Sharing the love of Christ is an opportunity for both the receiver and the giver to be transformed by this experience!   



Our project coordinator, Shari Beasley ( would love to have you join the team!

Holiday Basket Project Testimonial

Shari Beasley


One year while working on the project, we were connected to a grandmother that was taking care of her granddaughter, living in a hotel, while her daughter was deployed by the Navy. When I delivered the food basket to her, I learned that her truck had run out of gas so they had to walk back to their hotel. I was able to provide her the resources to get her truck filled up with gas so she could bring it back to the hotel. Additionally, the grandmother was looking for a job, and the granddaughter who was 4 years old, was not attending school. Through connections at Baylake UMC, I was able to help the grandmother get a job in the Kid’s Day Out program and for the granddaughter to attend the Strafford School until she could get established in a public school. God does amazing work in our community through this project!