Emergency Response Plan

Baylake United Methodist Church

Baylake UMC’s Emergency Response Plan is designed to address the unforeseen combination of circumstances, resulting in a situation that calls for immediate action or an urgent need for assistance or relief. These emergencies can be a temporary disruption of services due to a short power outage, a longer-term situation causing an organization to relocate due to substantial building damage or even a larger scale, city wide or regional emergency. Depending on the magnitude of the event, services may be provided as usual, services may need to be altered temporarily, or in extreme situations, services many be re-located or even discontinued. 

BUMC Emergency Response and Recovery Plan are broken down into the following segmentation's.

·       Emergency Contact Numbers – internal staff and external organization

·       Overall Church Procedures for Cancellation/Closings

o   Incident Responses: Weather Related and Endangerment Threats

·       Building evacuation and lock-down procedures

·       Incident Command Structure (ICS) and Safety Response Team

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